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tech, we can do that! i am doing that! hello, everyone, i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and brian kilmeade. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we begin tonight with the murder of an australian baseball player in oklahoma. the crime involving teenagers who police say killed out of bored boredom. christopher lane from australia was attending school in the united states. friday, he was gunned down while jogging along a road. here is a portion of the 911 call that came from a woman who found him. >> there's a young man and he
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just fell over in a ditch and he's got blood on him. tell him to hurry. he's turning blue, he said. >> is he breathing, conscious? >> he is not conscious. is he still breathing? barely. >> three suspects are under arrest. what was the motive? they told police they were bored and killed for the fun of it. 16-year-old and a 15-year-old have been charged with first degree murder. michael jones is charged with assess re to murder. where were the parents? here is the mother of one and the father of another. >> i know in my heart that he did not pull that trigger. >> just like the family in australia, they're hurting, i'm hurting the same way. i don't cry on the outside, i'm crying here from the heart right now. >> kimberly, i am glad we have you to talk. i want to start with the legal piece of this, boredom, a legal defense?
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>> it is just really sad. it shows the complete lack of regard for human life, the sanctity of life. it is troubling to see this type of thing happening with the youth in america. some questions as to whether or not there's any gang affiliation or involvement, a lot more we need to discover and learn about this case and perhaps what the motive was behind it. but they're looking at serious time and they should be. they should be tried as adults. that's proper. and they're looking at being put behind bars, and they should. >> because they are under 18, they're not eligible for the death penalty as i understand it. is that unusual or is that5k=wy[ >> that's uniform. you're not going to put someone to death under the age of 18. >> they can have a life sentence. >> if tried as adults, they won't be held indefinitely in a youth detention facility, it would be a youth prison. they would be transferred to
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adult facility after they're 18. sometimes they can hold them until 21, then put them with adult prisoners. >> eric, a promising young baseball, not somebody that was necessarily going pro, from australia, studying in oklahoma. just visited his girlfriend. he didn't even have a chance to defend himself, they shot him in the back. >> shot him in the back while jogging. these three murdered him for the sport of it. they should never see the light of day. they lost the right to walk among us, obviously no heart, no conscience, no soul. lock them up, throw away the key. here is the key for me, where is reverend alan jesse jackson. jackson did make a comment, we will bring that out in a while. where is president obama, if he had a son, he would look like trayvon martin. >> that is bob. >> more importantly, maybe he will make a comment, maybe he won't. i think the spokesman said he didn't understand what the case
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was all about. very importantly, where is the media? they've spent more time on obama's new dog than they have on this case, with the exception of this show. >> ed henry asked the question, what do you think of what happened. this is an international incident. the prime minister asked about it. australia is in mourning. they're like is this the wild west, is america out of control? why is a jogger shot in oklahoma, not the capital criminal behavior, something you expect to see in chicago. we have a situation hasn't read into the lead story at the number one network in the country and it was covered extensively on cnn as well. here is the other thing, guys were laughing, they thought it was a joke. they still think it is a joke. they say on the facebook, i dropped two tonight, it is a good night. who is the other guy? >> one to go. >> who is the other guy? >> they seem to have been prolific on twitter and facebook. one of them at one point saying it could help his rap career if he were in jail.
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i understand the mom and dad, any mom and dad professes innocence of their child when you find something like this, but do you think they were really that surprised when they got the call? >> first of all, let me say the phone ringing was not mine. one of her former husbands -- >> it is my broken phone. >> listen, a couple of things strike me. there are rumors, something to be said, this may be a gang related issue. these guys are members of gangs, crips and bloods started in los angeles and spread across the country. the other thing i would say, brian, to you, when people in australia say what's america like, it is not just australia, it is around the world. people in the civilized world don't understand when you hand out guns to everybody and people are killed, they don't get it and i don't get it either. >> so the father, lane, also mr. lane, he said in australia that he doesn't think everybody
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in oklahoma is a criminal. he specifically said these are three evil people. he didn't even want to speak about them, not even give them the time of day, and for anyone that suggested that maybe people curtail, australians curtail travel plans to the u.s., he says that's ridiculous. america a is not like that. >> here is a question. how long before one of these bozos on the left start pointing the finger at the nra. >> i'll do it right now. >> thank you, bob. took six minutes into the show before you did that. how about talk about crime. >> you don't like stop and frisk though. that's why it works. >> stop and frisk wouldn't have done anything. >> this couldn't happen in australia. they have very strict gun laws. >> this could not have happened in australia? >> someone got an illegal gun, they could. >> it can happen anywhere. you can get guns anywhere.
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these kids were under age. couldn't have gotten a legal firearm anyway. >> that's the point. these guns are going around, they're illegal, finding their way in the hands of kids like this, that's because they won't have strict gun control laws. >> those kids were using illegal handguns as it was. >> no handguns, wouldn't have that problem. >> no handguns at all? you have a guy, one driver, two other guys, driving around looking to kill somebody. guns aren't the problem. this behavior is killing somebody and laughing about it, saying i was bored, not understanding that what they're saying. that's the issue. guns are so far removed from the problem. >> i understand. but you take the evil personalities of these guys, put a lethal weapon in their hands, you'll have this kind of thing happened. >> they would have run him over with the car if they didn't have that. >> what about the road rage on 49th street, a woman from london is run over, loses her foot, almost died if it wasn't for dr.
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oz over there to tie off the blood, that's road rage happening here in manhattan. >> i was there during that. >> if it turns out that there is a gang related component, how does this case change or does it at all? >> i mean, i think it opens up the discussion about gang involvement, gang prevalence, initiations, a lot of stuff i had experience with in los angeles and san francisco working in hardcore gang unit detail. you know, they're very involved, they're taken over, replaced surrogates for the family, for fathers that are absent and they find a place with them where they want to belong, want to be part of it. >> ask you a question. assume they're a member of the crips, all right, and guns were sent from the crips chapter in los angeles to oklahoma, would that make it a federal offense? >> if there's gun trafficking, depending who was involved in it, maybe not necessarily for them, depending how they received it from, who they received it from, they have to trace it back. >> not going to matter.
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if they're found guilty, they go away for the rest of their lives. >> you hope. >> under federal law -- >> i see one person dead, i see one person dead, and three involved. now, you ask george zimmerman, george zimmerman does not see a black person, sees somebody he shot, claims it was self defense. right away the whole half the country says this is a black, white issue, it is not hispanics, blacks against whites, blacks have no rights. why are we looking at this issue in a way that's different from the trayvon martin issue? they tracked this guy, watched him, hunted him down. did they hunt him down because he is white. >> you should say something that jesse jackson did. if the initial reports are right, none of the kids is
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white. >> tit for at that time racial crime politics is disgusting. make we can all agree on that. jackson said he was praying for the family of the victim. >> at least he acknowledged it, high profile case. president obama has the opportunity to do it. look, i am not saying he should weigh in on every case, but he chose to do it with trayvon martin case. why not? >> if there's a comment on one, why don't you comment on another. there's one other story, brian, let me talk to you. georgia school shooting, it was not, this is news out of this, there was not a school shooting because yesterday in dekalb, georgia, 20-year-old man, heard these stories before, had ak-47, lots of ammunition, he was talked out of going through with the crime he went there to commit against these children by a school clerk who talked him through it and she basically
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saved all those kids' lives. >> it is amazing, reminded me of the fact when the soldier was executed in britain, woman got off the bus, looked at the killers and said you've done enough, stop it, get out of here. takes courage and coolness of people under pressure to -- i don't know where you learn that type of composure under pressure, look what they do, the way they protect the students, the way their instinct takes over. >> antoinette tuft. that was amazing. how would you respond to somebody like bob that says here is another example of somebody that shouldn't have a gun. i think everyone would agree somebody who perhaps is mentally disturbed as this young man seems to be, that he shouldn't have had a gun anyway. >> you look at all of the shootings, the being disturbed part. >> the problem. >> who wasn't disturbed, two days ago, three-year-old kid got a gun out of his old man's drawer, shot and killed himself.
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that kid was not a gang member or anything else, he was subject, because the laws are not strict enough, making guns be locked up. >> how do you make somebody put their gun away? how do you make somebody lock something up? we have to go inside their house? >> bob, how many times does a three-year-old go into the cupboard and eat some cleaning fluid and die, too. it happens. >> you're telling me there's an excuse for leaving a loaded handgun -- >> there's not an excuse. i am saying it is not the gun's fault is the point, it is the parents. >> it is a parenting problem. >> if they had a strict law that said you had to lock your guns or you had criminal penalties and went to jail, old man went to jail, maybe that would get attention. >> maybe there needs to be more penalties for somebody that's not responsible with their gun. >> there's no newtown if that woman locks up her guns, keeps it from her son.
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how are we supposed to go do that? you can't go knocking on doors. >> phone calls, but can't go knocking on doors. >> where would you be for -- >> i am a traitor, i am a politician. >> i will follow that logic through the next block. up next, eric has information on the nsa spying scandal we were talking about. you want to stick around for that. which one of us five has the messiest office? the producers took snapshots today. you're going to find out. it is not mine. we're taking a fun trip back in time later, hope you'll join us. we'll be back in a minute. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.°
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♪ don't say bob and i didn't warn you a thousand times. a new report from "the wall street journal" says the nsa has been snooping on up to 75% of e-mail traffic. more disturbing, our director of national intelligence, james
5:18 pm
clapper, president obama, and countless others have been defending privacy breaches, they hide behind the false argument it is your privacy or security, take your pick. false. you can keep us safe and do it legally. we have had our share of heated debates on "the five." rarely do bob and i agree on anything. this issue cuts through partisanship and strikes directly at our constitutional right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizure. 75% of our e-mails, phone conversations, big brother watching every click of the mouse. i call that unreasonable. bob, take a victory lap? >> yeah. i want to point out i don't think we're seeing the end of this, the nsa is going to be involved in a lot more things. i still want to see what the trade up is to give our constitutional rights for supposedly them stopping terror attacks. i haven't heard of one. >> i want to go through all of the complaints so far. people say they breached my security in e-mails. they're right here. wait a second. there are no complaints. they're doing the best they can
5:19 pm
to keep you safe. >> let's be clear. we know of 3,000 errors with one server in one city. we don't know the depth and scope. >> 250 million internet communications a year. >> here is what we know. can i point something out. we now know that if you have g-mail or aol, whatever, when you pull up your menu of incoming e-mails, if anything on any of the lists went through a foreign server, they data mine you. they will now take -- >> oh, my gosh. >> not only the title of that e-mail but the contents, too. >> my e-mails are particularly boring. 25% off wherever. to be honest with you, if they're looking for foreign intelligence and think they may see something in mind, fine. i don't have anything to hide.
5:20 pm
i want them to catch the bad guys and want them to catch domestic terrorists, i think there's room for abuse in the situation the way they're information gathering, yes. do i think they have been forthright, honest, transparent about what they are doing, no, they haven't. i worry about that aspect of it, but i am worried even more about stopping terrorism. i want to find a balance. >> there were between 2010, 2011, 2012, 4975 requests of the fisa court for the data mining things from the nsa, forget the fbi and other wire taps, just the nsa. zero were turned down. >> right. i don't see the problem. really, look, when you guys all have your experiment and get rid of stop and frisk and overreact to an nsa program that w was .0000093% of the searches had a computer error, have at it, guys.
5:21 pm
>> if they went after your e-mail, they would find no foreign intelligence. if they go after mine, they would find foreign films, i guarantee that. >> i trust the government more than i trust ed snowden. >> trust the irs? >> yes, i would. >> so we know the irs targets conservatives and unfairly didn't give them -- >> i would trust the government more than i would trust someone like edward snowden and bradley manning when it comes to america's security, yes, i would. >> dana points out that there were a few issues where they made a mistake on phone numbers, they were looking for 200 or 22. today, "the wall street journal reports up to 75% of e-mails have been data mined. >> you can laugh. >> i think it is a complete overreaction. i do. i mean, what are you responsible for all day. possible, what is your responsibility to take care of somebody else? nothing.
5:22 pm
you have to take care of yourself. these people are responsible for taking care of all of us. i think if congress, the courts, the president -- >> any of these that we want to defend? any amendment we want to defend? >> i swear that book is going to drive me insane. the way you throw it around. >> let's go through this. >> as if i don't believe in the constitution, as if i want the constitution to be shredded. it is absurd. >> can i make a point about the area code? they were looking for the area code for egypt, 2-0 and they got 202, happens to be washington, d.c. >> have you ever in your life dialed a wrong number? 250 trillion e-mails, do you think you would make a mistake if you were a computer? >> i don't ever make mistakes. >> they have to come out, extremely tough situation whether you love or hate the program, you have a secret program in order to stop terrorism. at the same time, there's a call to explain the program.
5:23 pm
the minute you flip the cards, show the program, show the cards, the program is brought to its knees. >> you're doing the same thing. as long as it involves security, you're okay with it. >> i didn't say that. i am saying i have strong interest in national security and in thoroughly and vigilantly investigating terrorism, domestic and abroad, searching for foreign intelligence. i know the constitution better than anybody at this table, let me tell you. >> that is true. >> so i don't have a problem. i respect the constitution. i lived and served for the constitution on behalf of the people of the state of california. i get it. i get it. what i am telling you is there may be abuses and we should catch them and we should make sure there are safeguards in place, but i will not throw away the system and sacrifice our national security to do so. >> here is the problem. president obama should be
5:24 pm
explaining this. james clapper should be explaining this. john brennan should be explaining it, not michael hayden, peter king, and kimberly guilfoyle. >> thanks, brian. >> been doing this since the 1950s. when i was in the white house, i had access to all the foreign intelligence in the world. >> we have to go. coming up, you're hearing, going to hear from senator ted cruz on the citizenship controversy that could potentially effect his 2016 prospects. later, a little boy has too much fun at an arcade, crawling in one of the games, but his mom was not amused. >> oh, my god. >> what happened when he got out. >> he did. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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♪ senator ted cruz wants everyone to know he's an american. the texas republican has come under fire after a recent article revealed his dual citizenship. he was born in can do to an american mother, cuban father. he became a citizen as soon as he was born in the country. the senator addressed the potential 2016 landmine yesterday in attempt to set the record straight. >> dallas morning news wrote a story where they said they talked to some canadian immigration experts that looked at the law and said technically because i was born there i might technically have dua citizenship. a number of folks asked in the
5:30 pm
wake of that if i would renounce my canadian citizenship, and my response was, listen, if it turns out that's correct, shen sure, i wi -- then sure, i will renounce it. representing the state of texas, i think it is only appropriate that i be only an american. >> the commentary, the senator was talking, you can't even imagine. we will get to that in a moment. so dana, your thoughts on this? this is interesting. he is getting attacked by his own party, raising the issues. he is considered a credible threat. >> there's an article that ran that said that senator rand paul folks in iowa were floating this. they deny it. it is an interesting question, when you think he was born to an american mother. to me, you're american. and case closed. when i first saw this, i thought geez, what's wrong with being a dual citizen of canada, one of our best allies in the world.
5:31 pm
thinking it through, and everyone has been talking about it, i think it was the right thing to do. >> address it from the beginning. i know what you're going to say. >> why is it i get cut out of the conversation. only liberal one on the panel, i have to wait? >> we're going to -- >> rand paul's people clearly said -- >> they deny it. >> they said he was on the record, not a birther about democrats nor republicans. >> do you think he is staying out of it, it wasn't anything -- >> here is the question. he was born in calgary to a mother who was an american citizen. isn't this the same thing with president obama? a mother that's an american citizen, allegedly born in or out of the country, that was the issue. >> who cares.
5:32 pm
move on. >> this is the issue. is it in the constitution? do you have to be an american citizen? that would make him eligible, or do you have to be born on american soil. it is vague in the constitution. >> if that's the case, john mccain nor barack obama could have run for president. >> what did you want to say -- >> i want to say about cruz he is right, he could run as president. he said dual citizenship, canada, you could run for head of conservative party there and you would be great. >> what else? >> i think he has a reasonable legal point. i don't believe rand paul's people lead this thing. plenty of dirt to throw out before the next election. having done many of them, i can tell you, usually wait until six weeks before. >> you like his accent? >> canadian accent covered by a texas drawl. >> it is amazing. senator rand paul looks like he is going to run, works to his
5:33 pm
advantage. he has to get people used to his beliefs. senator ted cruz, can't say he doesn't have experience, has the same experience president obama had. >> you don't think that's a problem? >> now a precedent. >> paul, cruz ticket would be perfect. >> absolutely. bring it on. i know they're smart. >> bob, you might be able to win against that election, right? >> another issue was the christie, bush formula. i think the only difference chris christie can't use it, he doesn't have the discipline of president bush. he is a guy that will speak his mind and that's not going to work. you have to keep on message. >> what is the bush formula you speak of? >> the governor, second time, jump in hard for president, let everybody know you're doing it, hold to a message and theme. governor christie is great, smart, i just don't think that
5:34 pm
he can withstand a few tough questions or few tough hecklers. >> i think the technology is different that that formula probably wouldn't -- might work. campaigns are a totally different game now. >> why do you think he is one of the most popular republicans in the country, because for that reason, willing to speak his mind, like these fruit cakes. >> you don't think he speaks his mind? >> he is a fruitcake. >> that's not a nice word, bob. >> you can't say he is not stable, very smart obviously. >> have you listened to him? the guy is, when i say fruitcake, in terms of a right winger, i don't mean it any other way. >> i think brian's mike wasn't working. we will get that -- up next, if you can turn back time, what decade would you most like to go back to?
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fasten your seat belts, the five of us are about to embark on a time warp. don't want to miss this after the break! ♪
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lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ sfrz ♪ taking a trip back in this segment to eras that turn us on, judging by kimberly's groovy disco moves on the way in. talking about the 1970s.
5:40 pm
there's a new poll out that asked which decade americans would like to go back to if they could. most choose the decade they spent in their 20s. more than half of those 65 and older want to revisit their 50s and 60s. start with kimberly guilfoyle, in her 20s, it will be tough for you. what year do you go back to? >> i bow to the disco ball. >> you do? >> i can't get enough. i own one. i love the sparkle, the dancing, very passionate. >> he wasn't one of your five husbands. >> kimberly took the '70s, disco era. >> the dancing queen. >> bob, didn't you win -- >> i had to pick another decade. >> i picked the '80s.
5:41 pm
things seemed simpler, had a war, won it quickly, grenada. the faulklands war. and remember who was president at that time, ronald reagan. shot, survives, a lot of drama goes on. eight years, seemed a lot of fun, then a guy i still look up to, michael jackson, wonderful dancer, but he survived. michael jackson, remember when he looked like that, he was there. guess who he teamed up with, people like olivia newton-john. and then madonna, most importantly, remember when greg norman dominated in the '80s and '90s, 330 weeks, number one player in the world. >> of what? >> you suck up. >> greg norman is not here. >> he is not here. >> come on! >> still dominating.
5:42 pm
bob, era? >> well, let me see. i covered the civil war, maybe -- no, the 1960s, second to the '70s. '60s because i was involved in anti-war movement, proudly so. dad was involved in civil rights, proudly so. i went to summer of love in san francisco, money in my pocket and marijuana in the other pocket and i couldn't make love with anybody. kind of sad. >> maybe see a therapist. >> by the way, you ought to use therapy for the five husbands. >> eric, favorite era, what does it mean to you, eric bolling? >> my favorite era is the future, wasn't one of the options. >> oh. wait and see what it is like when president obama is gone. maybe we can get a republican back in office. >> and you get the constitution back!
5:43 pm
>> time for dana. tell me the era that turns you on. >> i read this totally wrong. i thought it said when it is the '20s. i didn't know you had to live through it. you want to go back to it. i watched the great gatsby this weekend. i would like to visit the 1920s, be invited to his big parties to see if it was like that. >> long dresses, flapper hats. >> they seemed to drink a lot, never get hung over. >> can i be your plus one for that? >> definitely, i'll take you. >> dana, the only person that never drank, smoked dope or cigarettes. >> i would like to say the only way to go back, "i dream of jeannie" had a time machine. since it went off the air, no shot of making it happen. >> is that that witch woman? that was a jeannie, not a witch. that's elizabeth montgomery. up next, exclusive sneak
5:44 pm
peek inside "the five's" offices. eric bolling is holding his nose. does desktop clutter effect your work behavior? now that explains about bob. we'll find out. never before seen footage. >> oh, my god. ♪ go, go, go.
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♪ they're talking in my block, i don't have time. seems to be two types in the world, those that keep their desk neat and those that don't. everyone knows i keep mine neat. a new study shows whether the desk is messy or tidy may influence how you think. it promotes behaviors like generosity and healthy eating. sloppy desk, sloppy thing and openness to new ideas. what do the five desks look like? brian. >> unfortunately it is never neat. kimberly asked to move her
5:49 pm
location next to me. that's my desk, that's after i cleaned it. >> that's after a strenuous -- >> i have a hard time putting stuff away. never want to throw stuff out, always feel as though i need it. >> do you keep the basketball that you hit the kid with? >> thank you very much. >> look at dana. look at this. this is going to get you excited. >> i hate clutter. >> look at dana's desk. >> oh, my gosh! >> everything lined up just right. >> i put those two things on there, there was nothing there. >> your desk is so shiny. >> the white house, you had no room, had to be -- >> no, i had room. >> kim? >> i need a bigger office. >> for all your makeup and shoes. >> the shoes and clothes and chocolate. >> but it is organized, kimberly. >> that's where it happens, let me tell you something, in that office. >> you did a cleanup there. >> i notice you're missing some
5:50 pm
energy drinks. >> next person up is you, which would be me. okay. here is my desk. you can probably tell. there it is. if you notice there, there are cupcakes, letters from fans, sorry, folks, they're like a year and a half old. and let me see what else. pretty disgusting actually. the stuff growing there -- >> the odd couple, you and bob sharing an office. like felix and oscar. >> shoot her. okay. i can't, i am against guns. how about you, big boy? >> take a look. >> is that really your office? >> that's my office. it is like that. there's a reason it is like that. my office has a glass wall. the door is glass, the wall is glass. everyone can walk by and look in. >> you know what that indicates? the depth of your willingness to listen to other people's thoughts. >> do you sleep in your office?
5:51 pm
>> i don't sleep. i was a drug addict a lot of years, i don't sleep. >> do you sleep now. >> i do now, three, four hours a night. poker games. what are you talking about? >> i am covering my ears. >> you're worried what i am going to say? don't worry about it. one more thing is up next! my mana? ♪ to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications.
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♪ time for one more thing. i'm going to go very fast. you notice greg gutfeld is away, hosts a show called red eye. i am guest hosting. on the show tonight, janice dean, hasn't been on red eye, has a new book coming out, freddy the frogcaster. i assumed a book report for the show. janice dean will be there to answer. >> we saw this video before, astounding, big fear for a parent, not you, your kids are full grown. look at this inside an amusement park, posted august 15th. this is a little bow who climbs, managed to go into the prize chute in that cage, inside the claw, he wanted to play with the toys we hope to win for him. his brother coaxed him on the
5:56 pm
inside. his mom was horrified. the kid loved every second of it. they got over, got the keys. let's listen. >> oh, my god. >> it was in a bowling alley. she says we're going to get banned from the bowling alley. >> bob, you're next. >> those things never work. >> you talk about ted cruz, one of my favorite senators from canada. ted cruz one of these people jumping on the obama care bill. they have these people yelling about how much they don't like obama care. look at ted's town meeting, whether people liked obama care or not. >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views. part of the first amendment is respecting the views of others.
5:57 pm
>> okay. i want to say that i volunteered to organize that, and glad i did. only kidding. this is going on across the country, republicans don't realize they're way behind the curve on obama care and about a century behind as usual. >> bob, that was very insightful. >> somebody bring back the hoff, just when you thought his career was over, not talking about bowling and striking, but david hasselhoff. i was going to put you in, yeah. anyway, hasselhoff has these amazing posters from cumberland grocery store. there you go. all right? this is the best part. they're stealing the posters because people love the hoff so much. i saw one, i was sort of mesmerized in front of it. >> you saw that?
5:58 pm
>> yeah. he is dreamy. >> he used to be pale white with blonde hair. >> what are you trying to say? >> you have a tanning machine in your house. i had one more thing. so killed it. can i take a couple seconds to recognize, can you guys swing the camera around, greg norman in the studio audience. >> pleased to have him here today. >> greg norman. >> one of the greatest golfers of all time. he has the american spirit, companies he started, wine and clothing and everything else and the golf courses. >> greg, you're a fan of the show? i think tweet things as such? [ inaudible ] >> watches it every day when he
5:59 pm
works out. >> i am going to wrap it up. we wanted to share news with you. one of our dear friends, andrea tantaros unfortunately lost her brother monday. he was 31 years old. he was special needs. andrea said he was autistic. daniel was his mom. the siblings, everybody is very, very sad. what i loved was andrea sent me the obituary she wrote about her dear brother and said that he had a love of classical music, of animals and would always break for a bowl of pasta or warm stack of pancakes. he did work. he had a job and worked at a bank, had a friend named greg, best friend greg. there was a lot of love in that family. i think one of the things andrea learned about life and the preciousness of it she learned from her brother and all of the love that they showered on him. so we are grieving with the
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